Badge #7: User Experience (Usability Heuristics)

Usability Heuristics Checklist

Form Usability

-never label inside fields

-clearly indicate mandatory fields

-adequate field width and height


Concise, Easily Navigable Content

-using bullets with essential text is smart

-headings at tops of sections to help with navigability

Make Content Readable/Easily Understandable


-sufficient spacing between text

-hyperlinks can help!

-adequate white space

-sidebars, banners are great

Use Visuals Strategically

-selection of images and placement

Easy to Use

-limited scrolling

-make call-to-action buttons easy identifiable

-be aware of the natural flow of the participant’s thought process/intuitive processes are good


-Make it easy for users to accomplish basic tasks the first time they encounter the design

Below is an analysis of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that makes use of this checklist in PDF Format:



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