Badge #4: User Experience (Wireframe Wizard)

home-pageI love wireframes. I worked with balsamiq, and everything I loved about planning out my page in Photoshop while we were working on CSS pages was made exponentially better because I know that there’s still a lot of freedom in terms of actual design aesthetics, but I have an excellent skeleton of the website I started creating for Downton Abbey.

Balsamiq was very user-friendly, even though I only used the demo version so every five minutes it asked if I was interested in working with the paid version of the product. I wish I had done this badge earlier in the semester because wireframes would have been very useful with building minisites. I think one of the things I really appreciate about wireframes is that they help me keep from over-designing, which is something I often fall into. The temptation to add another design aspect often gets me repeatedly until my page is cluttered and not as aesthetically pleasing as I would like, and it seems as though wireframes help with this issue.

I wrote a strategic document to accompany my designs, and the process of writing this was also fairly straightforward and helped me further understand how I would cleanly continue to design the proposed webpages.


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