Minisite #3 knows all about you

Scroogle Search

Scroogle Search–it’s like Google*.                                            *but not really.

Creating Minisite #3 was a time-consuming endeavor. I had a lot of difficulty trouble-shooting and debugging my code. Most of the time, the pages would stop running the functions because I had changed the name of something on my HTML page and forgotten to do so on my JavaScript page, or I’d confused the id that my JavaScript was trying to retrieve in some other way. It’s pretty exciting to have completed a miniature website that tracks its users; this feels like some sort of major accomplishment.

a snapshot of my FacePlace page

a snapshot of my FacePlace page

I also had difficulty returning to Cascading Style Sheets, because it’s been a while and I didn’t love them while we worked on them, but I feel that I was able tomakerecognizable parodies of Facebook and Amazon using CSS.

The main problem I had with JavaScript was with how particular and attentive to detail one has to be to successfully run the scripts. The most effective debugger I used was the one in the Google Chrome browser–the Inspect Element tool is very useful and troubleshoots errors when you try to run script.

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