Gettin’ Crazy with CSS

I’m really excited about CSS. I definitely enjoyed this assignment a bit more than our first HTML assignment, and I think that has a lot to do with my interest in style and aesthetics. Working through the Head First chapter was a bit rough-going at times, mostly because I couldn’t find the section where it described what the content for the html pages that were supposed to be linked to the lounge page. That became increasingly frustrating as time went on, but I still got through the chapter, although I might have been slower than I could’ve been because of that hang-up.


Album Review Page Before...

Album Review Page Before…


Once I moved on to the exercise with the album review page, I found that I was able to move much more quickly and gain confidence with CSS as a result. I think I have a tendency to get hung up on content-related details, which can distract me from focusing on what we’re actually practicing, so the fact that we were not required to change any of the content was helpful for this first extended experience with CSS. Working through the plain page was a useful exercise to get my mind thinking in CSS again (it’s been a while since Thursday).





...and after!

…and after!


Working with the crazy page was a fun exercise because it encouraged me to mess around with CSS and experiment a bit. I ended up going for design elements that I thought were kooky but cohesive on my version of crazy page. I was tempted to choose really obnoxious fonts and colors, but in the end resisted and made a page that I actually like looking at.


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