My Favorite Websites

There were so many excellent student websites that it’s really difficult to narrow it down; however, I think I have it down to my top three:
Hannah Pruitt’s website on the Buffyverse (a term I was not familiar with until seeing the site, as it happens) was incredibly professional and well-done. The layout on each page and how the top banner changed was inviting and colorful! Although I’ve never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel, I feel like I know a lot now having viewed this website.

Kateri Sava’s website called “Things That Make You Go Oooooh” was so great! It’s instantly engaging because it’s such a different concept, and of course, viewing it you’re encouraged to “ooh” and “aah.” This encouragement results in you actually doing it, and the website as a whole really brightened my day. My favorite page was probably the Puppies one because each of those dogs is so adorable!

Karime’s website was delicious, and not just because it featured dozens of tantalizing different cupcakes throughout (although I’ll admit that that’s pretty much the driving force behind my decision to use that adjective). I loved the layout because all of the colors complimented the cupcakes pictured on the pages, and I’ve been inspired to try out a recipe or two! Red Velvet is definitely first on the list.

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