All About Me!

My website, which can be reached at talks about what I know best–me! But more broadly, it discusses trying to narrow down areas of academic interest, deciding to transfer universities, and acclimating to a new university once the decision is made.
Making this website ended up being more difficult than expected! It was certainly manageable; however, it definitely took up a lot of time, especially because the more I added to it, the more I wanted to improve upon it and affect it. I used a combination of Kompozer and ExpressionWeb, but I much preferred ExpressionWeb. It was more user-friendly generally, but I used Kompozer on my MacBook and it definitely worked well.
I think my favorite page on the website is probably my Interests and Aspirations page. It’s just really clean but still aesthetically exciting with the use of a background picture that relates to one of the other pictures on the page. It is also the one that has given me the most difficulty, because sometimes when it loads, the pictures load in a vertical line that ignores the parameters given by the table they are placed in. Luckily, they still provide a neat look when they load this way instead of the way I intended. If I can, I hope to be able to change them so that they stay within the table parameters.
The biggest design issue I had was either trying to figure out which colors to make visited hyperlinks on the Crash Course in Lauren page or trying to decide which photos to put where, and with what around them. I get really into aesthetics in this sort of thing, so I just wanted everything to look excellent and cohesive.
I think I will show this site to family and friends, but the ideal audience is the college student or prospective college student trying to figure out where to go or how to decide on what to major in.
After learning how to make a website, the prospect of making another one for a different class is very interesting and could perhaps be a really cool way to make a presentation, so I definitely plan on keeping it in mind!

7 responses to “All About Me!

  1. I really liked your website! One of my best friends goes to NYU and it was my dream for a while to go there too. I think I got scared to go there for the same reason you decided to transfer–being thrown right into the city!

  2. I loved your home page so much! It was probably my favorite home page out of all the ones that I saw–mostly because I love that picture of you with the red umbrella!

  3. I liked your website! I didn't know you had transferred from NYU; a bunch of people from my high school went there (I went to high school in Connecticut), but yeah, New York can be overwhelming. Glad you're here!

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