Larry Hechler’s Presentation

Mr. Hechler’s presentation on computer hardware was really illuminating and surprisingly interesting to me, considering that the topic at surface level hardly holds my attention span at all. However, I learned a lot of new and interesting information!
Being the owner of a MacBook, an iPhone and an iPod, I thought I was pretty savvy about all things Apple, but there were certainly aspects of the computer mechanisms that I didn’t even know about. For example, I found it really interesting to learn that it is necessary to use an Apple keyboard in order for it to be compatible with an Apple computer. From this and a few other intentional hardware limitations that we learned about, it seems that Apple is a really big proponent of making their products only accessible to those who are completely Apple users—there isn’t really the capability of mixing and matching different computer parts whereas producers of PCs are much more willing to allow these abilities to their customers. In this way they allow for more freedom and they seem generally more forgiving of their customers needs and wants. Along this vein, the PC company Dell is more forgiving of their customers’ tendencies to perhaps be less careful with their products than is advisable with their Complete Care Package that customers can buy upon the purchase of their new computer. It truly is complete coverage for anything that happens to a customer’s computer, while AppleCare, the Apple equivalent, does not cover accidents that inevitably happen.
From all of this information, it seems that PC laptops are a safer investment for the average college student. That said, I love my MacBook because of its sleek sexiness and speed and would find it very difficult to trade it in for the its practical Dell counterpart.

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