Exciting Powerpoint Presentations!

Overall, I really ended up liking working on and presenting my subject to the class. The topic, Modern Literature, is a bit massive but it’s also comprised of a lot of my favorite works, which I think is why I had difficulty narrowing down my presentation. I do think that focusing on the T. S. Eliot portion of the presentation went pretty well, so maybe I could have just discussed the writer and his works instead of giving a more general overview.
I also really wanted to talk about the World War I poetry stuff, specifically Sassoon and Owen’s backgrounds though, so I could have potentially focused more on fleshing that relationship and history out instead of tackling an entire genre.
One thing I would go back and change in my presentation would be that I would like to have had the Eliot voiceover that was supposed to play throughout the presentation actually happen, because I think it might have added extra resonance with the topic for the audience.
One of my favorite presentations from the rest of the class were Deanna’s presentation on Disney’s Hercules, which maybe is influenced a little tiny bit by my love for the movie. However, she was able to provide a lot of interesting background information that made me appreciate the behind-the-scenes aspect of the movie industry significantly more than I had previously. I also really liked the integration of the YouTube video that she used. One of my other favorite presentations was the one by Hannah about Women in the Media. The entire presentation was really well organized and it managed to synthesize a lot of different information into one cohesive and interesting topic! The layout work with timing and everything on the slides was really well done as well.

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